YakkinBack Talking ( about how it is)

So how is it, you ask? It was a beautiful Sunday, just like so many cloudless days we’ve had this Summer and Fall in New York. Looking down the River from the Yakkinback perch, I couldn’t help feel how lucky we are. We live in a place where there is no homefront bombings on a daily basis. We do have our problems with gun death violence and the denial of how violent we really are. But on a day to day basis, its really good here. There are many places a lot worse.

And that’s what gave me the thought that just how many of these calm beautiful days are left? With the state of our politics we could quickly go down the wrong path. The patients are running the asylum in Wash DC. Hijacked by a non productive, non compromising extreme wing of one party, there seems to be no great vision for whats good for our country. I dont see any Churchill’s or FDR’s on the horizon. I see self serving politicians who hate the President because he’s Black. Period. Now they have to work together and its mutiny and crazy chaos. Is planned parenthood really the enemy? Talk about misplaced focus.

Meanwhile the planet is getting more violent both with weather and  wars. Other countries have loose cannons very close to nuclear buttons. We need to unite to deal with the armies massing at our gates. I wonder when these peaceful Sundays will end? Which one is going to come here first? The water?  The fire ? The Caliphate? I just want my Sunday look at the harbor to go on..for my kids as well. I just don’t see it. We need a leader…who will not go to war to appease those who cannot compromise. See any?