Working Woman

Set in Tel Aviv a beautiful smart mom of three gets an offer to work in s high end real estate office. This will help the family as her husband has just opened up his restaurant. The real estate boss is a married man in his fifties and he is popular, successful and a nice guy. She does very well learning the ropes and the boss Benny, brings her along nicely.
She is professional and dedicated. She works hard and they are a good team. One afternoon after a successful big sale, Benny kisses her without any warning. She is flabbergasted and repulsed. She leaves the office. Then next morning she goes to Benny’s office and he is appropriately embarrassed and apologetic. He promises it was a mistake and will never happen again.
They continue to work together but she now is cautious and protective. Benny is good to her and she gets a promotion.
They are now working on a big project to resettle French Jews in a huge apt. complex by the Mediterranean. The meeting isn’t going so well until she takes over and offers if they buy 12 apts, the owner will make the bottom apt a temple. It works. Everyone is thrilled and her bonus is significant. They have to go to Paris the finalize the deal. After all is signed and they are celebrating, she helps Benny open his hotel door as he’s a bit tipsy. He pushes her into the room and gropes her. She does not fight back, encourage or stop him. She leaves.
Her husband knows something happened to her on the trip, and she finally tells the story as if she was to blame. He moves out. Ultimately, she realizes what she must do and writes a fabulous recommendation letter and takes it to Benny’s home where his wife answers the door. In front of both of them she demands he sign the recommendation, with the implied threat of telling the wife. Reluctantly Benny signs.
So many women go through this experience. This movie told it without extra drama or commercials. Well done.

Working Woman
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Working Woman tells a bigger strory

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