Paul Dano’s first directorial movie is a success. Its the story of a couple in marital difficulty in Montana in the late 1950’s. The dad (Jake Gyllenhaal) and mon (Carey Mulligan) have had to move around because dad has to find work. The son, a mid teenager (Ed Onenbourn), gets caught up in their backwash. Dad leaves to go fight a raging Forrest fire. Mom is angry, powerless and vulnerable. She returns the attention of an older wealthy man, and the son is dragged into seeing things he should be no way near. Doesn’t make you feel much sympathy for the mom. Dad is a nice guy but wrapped up in his own world. The boy, to me was the most sane of all of them. The background music is perfect and despite some bad parental decisions you can also feel for this 50’s housewife. Dano did a great job with this vehicle and it is of note that the the lead characters and the director are friends off screen. Good job.all around

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Paul Dano’s first direction.. Wildlife

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