Who we are now

The best movie so far this year. A well written non Hollywood tale of good people trying to help people who have a past. Juliette Nicholson plays a woman released from prison after serving 10 years on an involuntary manslaughter conviction. She signed custody of her son to her sister and her husband. Now, after release, she wants to do the right thing. Get a job and see her son. Neither is easy. Starting over isn’t easy. A young woman working in a legal firm that helps the downtrodden, pushes her way through to defend Julianne’s character. The sister wants to shut her out as the son is doing well, living in the only family he has ever known. Legal battles are realistically portrayed as we sit in the courtroom. Jimmy Smits does a spot on job as the chief attorney in this pro bono firm. I loved this film because of its integrity, just because you want do the right thing and you have good people helping you, there is always another side to the story. Well done.

Who we are now
9.5 Total Score
Who we are now...a fine film

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