Where we go from here?

Its obvious to everyone now, we have have a President absolutely lost in his own world. He lives as a photo op. Substance of the man? Vacant. Lost.
He is about to be fully exposed, and his preemptive counterpunch is to try to have the Justice Department investigate the FBI. Really? Excuse me, somebody please tell him, that they are investigating HIM. That’s they way it works. FBI, and the Justice Department investigate crime. By law. Donald, try to find a sane attorney or at least not a corrupt one. But judging by your record, you are, as they say, between a rock and a hard place.
They got you. Mueller’s expertise is money laundering, follow the money, didn’t you ever listen to anything? Follow the money, its simple and true,its always true. They just followed yours. And they don’t need your permission to look at your taxes. They can’t and won’t show them because they follow the law. What fun that must have been. When the rest of the world sees your taxes, it will be evidence at a trial.
You have jammed up the courts with stall tactics but you know what? It caught up to you. Mueller’s especially precise. Just hammering nails now.. And also, the women? And they are just getting started. They have a lawyer who is a nail driving truth hound. They want to talk in court. Ouch!
Meantime people we have no leader. The school shootings continue, NRA running the White House. Partisan politics every minute. Tweeting is where he lives, making it up and forgetting, lying, not knowing and just tweeting along.. He has been embarrassed a lot and his only tactic is to walk away. Boy if anyone ever needed a successful therapy, its him.
The Russians have succeeded in dividing us, or at least pushing it along. Politicians are changing true, and there is a swell of young blood in politics, especially women, which is good, but we still are not using the money to rebuild EPA and get the crazies out of power. The waters are rising. Storms are bigger and more dangerous. Who is guarding the planet while the self servers are running it?
We have to do it, the President is an image, a media creation. We need a live aware person. This one has no mirror. Not a soul either. He needs cue cards to tell him to look like he gives a shit.
He even spelled Melania incorrectly welcoming her home from the hospital. The e and a are on different lines. He is that careless.
I hope the young kids hit the streets soon.
The drumbeat continues.