What Will People Say

Story of a young Pakistani girl living with her family in Norway. She stupidly lets a boy into her room after he climbs in her window at night. The father catches them. No sex happened. But the father believes it happened and then sends the girl back to Pakistan to be controlled by his family. She is just a teenager with at times marginal judgment. she gets in trouble there and her situation worsens. This is all about perception and fear and “reputation” in Muslim families. Its tough to watch. Not everyone is Western or liberal but this type of punishment seems over the top to me.
When my mother used that argument with me, I took a good look at the neighbors and decided I did not want to be like them, and her argument held no ground.
Maybe this did could stand up for his young daughter and throw her to the wind.

What Will People Say
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What Will People Think? Tough movie

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