What the Hell Happened?

Donald Trump was clearly confused and angry. He had done everything Russian Intellegence told him to do. The Trump aides had asked the Russians to help with Jong Un. They told Trump to not listen to US Intelligence. He obeyed. They told him to tell Jong Un that he looks great in that shirt. He did. They said in the one on one, kiss his ring. He did. Lastly they told him to tell Kim he looked thinner and could he help Donald lose a few pounds? He did it. They assured Trump that Jung Un would roll over easily on the nukes deal.
Well Jong UN rolled all right, he rolled right over Trump, demanding relief from sanctions first before anything could be negotiated. Trump panicked. Mr. Art of the Deal had no other hand to play and he abruptly got up and left the room.
Furious he demanded to know what the hell happened. He wasn’t supposed to look ridiculous on the world stage. It was supposed to be a staged done deal. Trump screamed, “They are frying me back home and we are all going to get indicted. Now I look like an idiot with no advance team, and my stage act was stolen. Why the hell did I fly all the way over here to come home with my dick in my hand? I look like an amateur jerk. Believe me heads will roll. The House is now going after my taxes and NY is all over my books. I needed a win. We are going to have to put one hell of a Rally spin on this one. And somebody please tell Ivanka to shut upbecause this Ocasio- Cortez will clean her clock” Trump blamed the media for misreporting the event. When informed it was televised, Trump grumbled, “kill the tape.”