We Need to Unite for Climate Change

Enough is enough. What’s wrong with us? We sit back and let a failed human being with no respect for science set the USA policy for dealing with this ever growing rising water and more violent storms, issue, which is due to higher planet and sea temperatures. Climate change is not a political theory. Certainly denial has no place in leadership. The storms kill Republicans, Democrats,and independents, young and old, all colors and religions. How is it possible we just watch? Where is the untiy to confront Trump about his denial? Where especially are the Republicans who have a modicum of a chance to talk to him. If not them, everyone and I mean everyone has to form a coalition to deal with this issue as a collective world body dealing with a scientific phenomenon. We have one plantet and while he denies the disasterous effects because it costs money to fix and we need to take over before we have lost all chance. Prevention always costs less than repair. In Healthcare as well as climate. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and mankind. This is a non political decision. We need to rejoin the world body of information. The latest UN report is right there to read. To the streets and confront every elected official, when we wont back down he’ll find a way to change his view.

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