Urban Hymn

If you plan to see this movie, skip the review because I am going to highly recommend it, and talk details. Read the review if its not playing in your neighborhood outside of the City.

First I admit to identifying with the co lead. Second it rang true. No Hollywood here. This is England 2010. Abandoned kids home. Two survival friends. are residents. They participate in the riots. They take stuff. Teenagers with a fierce survival loyalty. One with talent and a desire to change her life and the other a hardened no hope violent threat.

The ups and downs in ethical restructuring is spot on. So many hurdles with protective loyalty with disasterous results vs, hope and struggle with doors opening, learning everything. The house social worker befriends the soon to be discovered singing/feeling talent, and the violent ne’er do well eventually feels she’s lost what was hers, to the social worker. As the singer goes up the other goes down.  Films like this can get too gooey. But not this one. I’ve been there in this world when I worked the children’s detention center in Elizabeth. You can trust this film, its stays true all the way through. You kinda wished it didn’t.

Urban Hymn
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Urban Hymn absolutely nails it

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