Trump’s first 100 days, it feels like it was a 1000, exhausting.

Although he proclaimed it as the most productive 100 days ever, everyone who watched agrees it was exactly the opposite. No legislation passed, and a list of failures, lies and gaffes that was truly unprecedented. Political critics called his staff confused, conflicted and amateurish. More people have left the Trump White House than in any previous administration. Chaos and conflict is evident with every Trump announcement.

The press conference with Sean Spicer has become a comedy show ratings bonanza. Spicer trying to mop up Trump’s comments, his outright lies and his braggadocio statements that have become  head scratchers and a chronic source for fact/truth finders. Never in American politics has a man who leads the country raised so many questions about his ability to tell the truth, or even know when he is lying.

The failure to even bring the new Healthcare plan to a vote was a major embarrassment to a party that has the majority. The questionable naming of a global warming denier to head the EPA was matched only by naming a public education non believer to head the Dept of Education. The desire of the Administation to not replace fired attorney generals has even Republicans questioning his knowledge and methods.

I am more bothered by his family self promoting arrogance and the conflict of interest he shows by using his personal properties for financial gain. His lack of ethics will become more noticed as each day goes by. His dangerous personality deficits, with his poor impulse control could have major disastrous consequences as he and his alter ego Kim Jung Un have their peeing contest.  Oh yes endless exec orders, the same thing he criticized about Obama.

Summary First 100 head turners ….alternative facts..fake news…Mexican stupid wall comments..refugee ban fiasco..Bannon…Michael Flynn.. Russia involvement, Kellyanne Conway idiocy..Sweden terror attack lie,…Sessions and being recused..Pelosi Russian made up lie, Obama wiretap lie,  refusal to shake Andrea Merkel’s hand, although he shook China’s premier’s hand as well as Egyptian presidents hand.. holocaust “Centers”..anti global warming statement and tax plan benefits the rich, what a surprise..swamp non release stonewall, family dynasty in West Wing, plays more golf in 100 days than Obama did in first two years,  coal industry promotion, pipe line through Indian burial grounds and finally …the evidence of trouble in marital paradise, do you see how she freezes when around him? Forced smiles and stiff posture, if she actually moves in, keep you eye on that one. Bigly.

100 days have felt like an eternity due to the emotionally exhausting comments he makes. The fear we all feel is real and the danger this unstable man puts us in is endless. He cannot lead and that is evident. By the time he is either indicted or impeached my hope is that we can still save the planet because this man just doesn’t see reality.

  1. Reply Shari sachar April 30, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    You stated so well what the majority of citizens in this country and people around the world feel . Thank you! We must keep resisting and take solice in the fact that he didn’t get the popular vote! I too hope we have a safe planet as Trump could quickly destroy it! When he messes with our natural order of wildlife, he’ll upset our planet quickly. We need clean water and regulations for climate safety. We need people uniting for the protection of us all. We need gun safety laws. Alarming time!

  2. Reply Ken Ferris May 1, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Excellent summation of his disasterous first 100 days.

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