Trump named Russian employee of the month

Just in from Moscow.. Donald Trump has been named the most trusted and valuable Russian employee of the month. The award reads, “For your ability to destabilize the American Democracy by criticizing the free press, for continually aiding Russia in its goals for a destabilized Mid-East, and for complimenting the Great Leader of Russia on his newly crowned free election.” The award further stated, “ for your ability to never criticize our incursion in Crimea and Ukraine, for overlooking our poisoning of a traitor spy, and for now trying to destablize the world economy with the Russia benefitting tariffs on China. We applaud our helper, currently living in the USA.”
The Special Putin Pin will be given to Donald Trump at the new Trump Empire Casino and Golf Resort in Moscow, opening after the impeachment. The very special Ivanka Trump Jewelry and Fashion Emporium will feature her new line of goods, produced here in Russia. Congratulations to our man in the USA, and don’t worry about the tapes. Love Vlad

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