Trump, “loyalty” and its consequences

By most accounts, many of the positions in the Trump Administration are unfilled. This is causing havoc, for example, in the State Department, where under secretaries and assistants are not in position to report on diplomatic efforts, formulate policy. The NY Times Sunday in the article about Tillerson referenced the difficulty Tillerson was having getting Trump to accept his nominees. These were experienced people with government resumes. Except Trump will not hire anyone who is not “loyal” to him. This goes way beyond the normal expectation of a positive feel for your boss. Loyalty is something Kings demand.
This demand for loyalty is one of the major flaws in Trumps’ ability to understand the way the government operates. Example is the Attorney General. Trump was furious at Jeff Sessions when he recused himself with the Russian investigation. This then brought on the Mueller special council independent investigation. Trump cited lack of loyalty as his reason for anger.
There is a fundamental independence between the Judicial branch and the Executive branch of government. If there is the slightest hint of collusion it brings on charges of impropriety. But not to Trump.
His fundamental mistake is he believed he could bring his “Executive Only” model that he used for years in Trump Tower to the White House. He believed he was the Chief in charge and whatever he said would rule.
He failed to recognize that Executive Branch does not rule Judicial and what Sessions did was normal, necessary and appropriate. Trump took it that he was not being “loyal” as a team player would be. This has led to the wider problem that Trump demands all hires now be submissive to him, thereby eliminating dissension, criticism and difference of opinion. The King rules is his understanding of how his Presidency should operate.
He also has absolutely no clue how politics and Legislature interact. Therefore his total lack of success. His philosophy of threaten first and then negotiate may work in Trump Tower, but not in Washington D. C. His inability to understand diplomacy or tact is brutally evident each day as he creates one mess after another, from his emotional victim position point of view. According to him, he is always misunderstood, misquoted, mis heard and attacked without merit. He then attacks via Twitter, which will be his eventual downfall. Everything is personal to him and he fails to grasp the concept of “Presidential” His use of the Twitter account to attack everyone shows his fundamental character flaw, that being a very insecure, narcissistic personality disorder. I treated it for years in my practice. He’s a classic example.
The core of the disorder is an inability to recognize “other” as in self and other. Everthing goes thru the self. Acceptance is overly valued and non acceptance, even minor criticism, is not tolerated. Generally, everyday people refer to this s being thin skinned. Its all about me is the misperception. I should note that I never met Trump nor ever evaluated him. My opinion here is my own based on years of experience with people with this disorder. One giveaway is the lying. Lying covers many faults. Its the quickest way for an immature ego to change reality. Just observe it with children. They lie to look better or avoid consequences of their behavior. Ever heard Trump apologize? The first step in an apology is the recognition that you are wrong and your actions hurt someone else. Therefore recognize “other” and make amends with an apology. Trump is incapable of this simple adult behavior. He doubles down by attacking whom he has hurt. This plays horribly in politics where the game is give and receive. His model is threaten and take. When it fails he attacks and lies. Over and over and over. It is a sad state of affairs when the Chief Executive of a government is operating as an emotionally unstable child. Look at the name calling and belligerent behavior he exhibits. Most teachers send that child to the principal’s office. At home, one would get a time out and a lecture on appropriate self control.
Bottom line, he does not understand himself, government or political tact and therefore he is vulnerable to flattery and manipulation. Look what how the Saudis played him by kissing his behind. He thinks they are wonderful. Ps they are rich kids like him who manipulate with money, Put on a show. Look rather than be. That’s our President, a man not far from his mirror at all times. Except his mirror is bent.

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