Trump Goes to School

It was a media show for the ages. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer talked to Trump like no one around him does. They told him to his face that he lies, and that his facts are wrong. He bragged that he had the votes for his wall. They laughed and challanged him to prove it. Then Pelosi bated him about the Wall and he doubled down, as set up to do, and he now declared he would be proud to shut down the Government for this “national security issue”, and the need for a physical wall. Then he said that’s how drugs come into the country, completely missing planes and ships. They just smiled. The dumb dumb President created this false narrative about an invasion of criminals to drum up his brain dead base with fears and lies. But this was Pelosi and Schummer, two seasoned political veterans. If Mr Art of the Deal can’t even negotiate with American elected officials without catastrophic results, how can he possibly be in the same room with the Chinese or the Russians? Oh I forgot he put tariffs on everthing thereby raising coast for both sides. Smoothe move there. He just cost himself everyone else but his base thinking base. It is so evident he is uniformed on every issue he speaks about, but his followers have gullibility to believing what he says, no matter how far fetched, ridiculous or untruthful. But we have withstood his barrage on governmental institutions and now those institutions whom rely on fact are closing in on him. Remember you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Either before he leaves office or after, he will be in court facing felony charges. Its finally fun to watch everyone come down on him. What goes around comes around.