Trump doesn’t listen, maybe he’ll hear this noise.

Donald Trump doesn’t listen to advice. Even from experts in science as well as diplomacy. He listens to his gut, and that gut is very busy with cheeseburgers and Coca Cola. The decision to undue the deal with Iran has one root and one root only. His unhealthy obsession with undoing everything Obama.
As a deal maker and leader, his decision to undue the nuclear agreement makes absolutely no sense. Ok the deal was flawed on some levels, it did not address the sponsorship of terrorism and the distribution of the money. but the upside was to get international hands on verification that they would abide, which be all independent accounts they have done. So by undoing the deal, Iran has now received the money and had their nuclear restrictions dismantled. Who benefits from that? Certainly not the USA. Where’s the backup plan to replace this deal? Sounds just like the one the Republicans had with HeathCare. Repeal won, replace didn’t.
So Trump gets to dismantle Obama with no upside other than a more hostile relationship with Iran as he reinstates sanctions and threatens allies who do business with them. Its a long shot hawkish idea that the endgame is we bomb Iran’s facilities something the new Trump advisor John Bolton has stated he is for.
In summary he alienated our allies in Germany, France, and England, sided with the right wing Israeli zealot Netanyahu, and proposed no plan to force Iran to make “ a better deal”. Just like the environmental Paris accords, Trump has isolated the USA from hard fought sane international rules to show his racist followers he undid Obama. And we just watch. Until November when we start the un Trumping of America.

  1. Reply Bob Anderson May 10, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    I guess he’s backing on his vast missed experience. I like to call him Cadet Bone Spurs!

  2. Reply Bob Anderson May 10, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    He thinks that his vast military background is more reliable than those of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has already lost two of the Generals that he brought in. Because of his high school military boarding school that he attended I refer to him as Cadet Bone Spur.

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