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OK. I’m lucky. Being retired I can just sit here by this pool and study my Spanish, or go for a walk, or go visit a Mexican village. Maybe listen to a guitar concert, or play my own. No stress. No worries. Ideal right? But no, the damn internet and tv keep showing me the news every day. Trump rolling over people making bombastic crazy statements. No one ever heard of the concept of fake news until Donald started lying on a daily basis and it became “fake news.” Should really be called Trump lies. He really gets to me. The lack of ethics with the man is appalling. He attacks things he should support as the incoming American President.

He is trying to dismantle bipartisan ethics oversight programs that have been in place for every President for 40 years. Why does he think the rules don’t apply to him? From financial disclosure to conflicts of interest over business holdings, he wants to skirt being held accountable. Yet he talks about cleaning up the swamp. He is creating a morass of ethical positions unheard of by any other President.

His positions on women, immigration, healthcare, climate change, and of course Russia are alarming. He attacks Muslim war heroes parents, (Kahn), war hero (Mc Cain),  civil rights stalwarts (John Lewis), the media (CNN), the intelligence community (CIA),and he has not spent one day in office. This is the man who wants to make America great again? How? By attacking anyone who disagrees with him or has a different view? The man doesn’t even have a sense of humor. Baldwin is funny. He’s got Trump down to a tee. But ol’ thin skin can’t see it. That’s scary to not be able to see yourself and laugh.

He has the lowest approval rating of any incoming President ever, 40%. So I think the rest of us, the other 60% has to stand up and be heard on an overwhelming daily basis. The rich, the ignorant and the entitled will not steamroll us with their non caring, racist ways. At least one voice from Mexico is trying. What about you?

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  1. Reply Bob Anderson January 17, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Impeachment will start in six months!

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