And you thought we had separation of church and state?

This guy, the governor of Mississippi, former and maybe still? center for the KuKlux Klan, has just signed a law permitting people to not serve gays, bi people etc, if it conflicts with their religious views. Wonder how that would work out for them, if for example Jews or Muslims or Asians were in charge. ” No Buffet for you.” They would cry foul and go reload.

This is a country whose Constitution and Bill of Rights separate your religion from your work. The freedom is to practice religion or not practice it. But in Mississippi that doesn’t apply. Same in North Carolina. Certain people’s religious views ( let me guess evangelical Christian?) it seems are stronger than anothers legal individual’s rights. There you go. States rights people. Aren’t they the same people who are backing the Evangelical running for Republican Presidential candidate?. Isn’t he a Constitution guy? Interesting conflict don’t you think?

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