This is my feeling today

I am sad and afraid. Never in my lifetime do I feel as I do today. I fear that the new President is wholly unprepared to lead a democracy. You need compassion and the ability to hear all sides of an issue. He has surrounded himself in his inner circle with people who have one myopic view and they attack everyone who disagrees. They are so far from the best and the brightest that it makes you wonder if he really believes they are. EPA nominee doesn’t believe in global warming. He put a surgeon in charge of HUD. He nominated a woman who never taught to be Education Secy. But a democracy includes all views. I hope he grows into what the job requires, and having heart would help.

My fears are that he will deny access to the media. This is unprecedented, except for Richard Nixon, with his secret illegal ways, who wound up getting himself impeached.

Trump’s Bannon Breitbart conspiracy theories could lead him and the country into darkness. His thin skinned quick to react vindictive character puts us all in a precarious position. I want someone to lead by example, not self congratulate.

So I am very sad and scared and it wakes me up at night. If you like him and feel good today, more power to you. I wish I am proven to be wrong. Our dead soldiers did not die for his version of freedom and it is them today who I salute.


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  1. Reply Bob Anderson January 21, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s crazy that in a nation of 330 million people we could not of come up with two better candidates. But for the future four years we have to respect the office of the President-but the person in office has to earn our respect.

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