Their Finest

World War 2 in London. Not the best of times. Building are collapsing and their is rubble everywhere. Casualties are mounting. Britain needs help. Where are the Americans? At the movies, its the heyday of Hollywood. England decides the best way to get American help is to make a propaganda movie to romanticize their willingness to join the fight.

A production cast is assembled with one reluctant woman. At least thats how she starts out. So add some drama , a love story and make up what doesn’t fit in. Its hard to make a lighthearted movie about such things as war and suffering, but these merry old Brits did a good job of it. Bill Nighy steals the show with his whimsical portrayal. At least they did not put in song and dance numbers. But its a jolly good show.

Their Finest
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Their Finest....a good show

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