The trip to the Museum

In Seattle we come upon the Herbal store. Cool. Let’s see what a legal weed store is all about. Well its a huge playground of glass showcases with tubes. Has a sign explaining its properties, strength and cost. We get some counterman help and I tell him that this is not our first dance. Me a”Hippie” from the sixties, I Tell him what I’m looking for. We settle for a mid range package containing two j’s. He says one is moderate and the other, with the hemp,is a little stronger. Thank you. The next day in Seattle we smoke half of the first one and are completely taken aback by how strong this stuff is. We sat in a park on a bench without moving for an hour and a half.

Ok. This is not the same stuff we smoked in the 60’s.
On to Portland. Let’s go to the Art Museum. We take the trolley. Fun. Get to the Museum. I see a park and say “Let’s toke up the other one, as the one in Seattle must have been the stronger one.” So we go to a bench under a big old tree and light up. Half a j later the thing hit like a Tyson punch to the head. “This can’t be grass ” I say,” it feels more like I’m on a trip.” She agrees. I stand up but cannot feel below my knees. I am thinking of Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where he couldn’t walk to the Casino door because he thought the sidewalk was melting. I tell her all I want is to feel my feet on the sidewalk. “Let’s try to walk.”

So we go step by step to the corner. Took forever. We go down the hill and there is nothing but a construction sight. Walk another block and go back up the hill. Portland is having a heat wave 94 degrees and the air is full of smoke from the BC fires up north. We get half way and she says she needs to sit down. This woman never does anything inappropriate or to attract attention, but she sits down on the sidewalk in front of a door. Next thing that happens is the electric door opens and pushes her against the wall. I say “Why don’t you sit on the other side of the door?” And she does. But the door now releases and pushes her into the building. Poof. Gone! It happened so fast I could do nothing. I am still hovering and holding on to the wall.

I know she gets lost easily and I am thinking I have to go find her. But we have a rule. Stay the last place you saw one another. Then the door opens and she is standing. She tells me it’s some kind of Green bldg and it has  seats,  a beautiful setting, with rocks, water, and art, and its air conditioned. We go in and sit down. Now the magic begins. Where are we? What is this?  We start making up stories. For two hours we sat there. Three times I went to the railing contemplating walking up the two steps but retrurned to my seat saying “I’ll do that later.” I was standing on parallel rugs, waiting for the “ride” to stop. Four times I told her I was about to land but the feet still weren’t hitting the ground.

Then one foot touched and then the other. We decided to leave and inched our way back up the hill. “Look, the trolley.” We got on and it took us back downtown. Now about 3 pm. “Let’s go back to the hotel and rest.” “Good idea.”

When we laid down, I said, ” We forgot something.” “What?”  To go to the Museum.



  1. Reply Doug August 11, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Sometimes it’s hard to be double-jointed.

  2. Reply Mike Olson August 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Hi Ken & Jill, thanks for the info. Being similar in age and experience you have provided a valuable service. Testing, always testing. I passed on a chance to visit a store in Colorado but did visit Amsterdam. Your experience promotes the buddy system.

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