The Square

Well not everyone is going to like this mad ball romp. Its like the director had a multitude of ideas, some very smart, some off the wall and others, should have hit the cutting room floor. but he left it all up on the screen. A curator in a Dutch museum has a good concept, create a square of peace and safety and equality for all who stand within its borders. Place it outside the museum.
Interesting idea. The square could represent lots of possibilities.
But of course the promotion of the square goes haywire and a media storm ensues. The problem with the movie was the editing, ran almost 2.5 hours and it only needed 1.5. Many subplots and side stories. I like some of them. This is the kind of movie that will generate a multitude of opinions. Like most good Art it raises questions rather than answering them. For me it was madcap enough to get and 8 but the unnecessary footage dropped it to a 6.

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