The Old Man and the gun

Great title huh? Jeez could it be any lamer? Its the story of Redford as an addicted bank robber who terms up with Danny Glover and Tom Waits as the over the hill gang and they rob banks and are very polite doing it. Redford gets caught a lot but manages to escape 16 times. He finds a love interest in Sissy Spacek, but even she is not enough to get him to stop. Redford is now 82 and looks like a prune, man its wicked getting old, Sundance would almost be his great grandson. Casey Afflect is the cop who brings him down, and even he has to respect him. Its a fun ride, none too deep. I enjoyed it but it was hard watching him shuffle around as an old man. He is one of my most admired persons for what he has done for the independent movie industry and humanity in general. One of the true good guys. He almost retired but maybe he’s got one more compelling movie in him. I hope so.

The Old Man and the gun
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Redford being Redford

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