The Lie House

Its worse than we imagined folks. If this were not so damn scary, it would make a very funny sitcom. Dysfunction everywhere. Everyone lying to one another. Panic and scrambling to cover their asses EVERYDAY. The Trump White House is showing itself to be woefuully amateurish and unprepared. The only thing they are good at is not telling the truth. Let’s start with the Chief Liar, Make it up as you go along Trump

The Donald has made a mockery of a United States President. He is supposed to be a man of integrity who stands up for America and its values. He defends the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have already seen him attack a Federal Judge as “so called” because the Judge correctly interpreted the Constitution against Trumps ban on Muslims. Disagree with Das Fuhrer and he Twitter rants. The lies as so frequent that the staff say to the media that you shouldn’t listen to everthing he says. What? An example of Donald dead out lies. “Over 3 million votes were cast illegally for Hillary Clinton.” He offered no proof, then dropped the investingation when it was revealed his daughter, son in law and others on his team registered to vote in 2 states. They voted once, by the way. The alt right media feeds Donald absolute crazy theories that are just plain absurd and I won’t give them credibility by repeating them, but Trump reports them as facts. These gems he  saves for his base. Either he really is delusional, or they really want him to implode from having all this stuff come back on him.

Mike Pence is treated like an outsider, and wasn’t even informed by Trump that Nat’l Security Advisor Flynn flat out lied about not talking about sanctions with Russia. So Trump doesn’t tell his VP and lets him make a fool of himself on national tv. But Steve Bannon is in on the briefing and not Pence. Dysfunction defined. Would love to hear what Pence is saying now behind closed doors.

Kellyanne Conway the Counselor to the President, had to be counseled after she promoted Ivanka Trump’s merchandise, from the Oval Office. Clearly illegal and mainly just plain stupid. She has lied so much, example “Bowling Green Massacre, ” that she cannot get booked on major outlets due to her untrustworthiness. Amazing.

Steve Bannon Chief Stratagist and member now of Security Council. Breitbart News guy who wrote so many racist and anti women rants that he is viewed as nearly neo Nazi in his thinking. He has published articles entitled “Birth Control makes women unattractive and crazy.”  He attacked planned parenthood as to compare their work to the Holocaust. Breitbart is known for rants against Muslims, immigrants, Jews and women. Its supports white nationalism and was endorsed by David Duke of the KKK. Trump relies on him for the truth. Read through Trump’s speeches and you see Bannon.

Stephen Miller Special Advisor to the President. As nutty as they come. Worked as Aide for Jeff Sessions, the new Attorney General, who was denied a Judgeship for his racist beliefs 30 yrs ago. We all know that racists get softer with age. Miller’s rant last week amounted to saying the President has all the power, not the Judicial or Legislative branches. Hello Kim jun Un.

Sean Spicer Press Secy the poor guy has lied to cover so many Trump lies that I really feel bad for the guy. He’ll probably go crazy in the job and Saturday Night Live might put him over the edge all on their own.

So The Former White House is now the Center for promoting Fake News, although when anyone catches them they call it fake news. Its a House of Lies. And you elected him to make it better. Wait till they prove Russia really interfered in the election with Trump’s knowledge and permission. Remember Alfred E Neumann? What me worry? Well he’s now the President.


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