The Knickerbocker……..a bit of old New York

A staple for years on 9th and University in the Village. Looks like a downtown version of Sardi’s with celeb drawings on the walls. Beautifully decorated in grand ole NY style. Bar is popular with the after work crowd. Menu includes specials for appetizers, salads and mains. The half moon tables add a special feel and the service is consistantly good. I love the Sunday brunch. If you want to feel a little bit of stylish old New York, then get your reservation in early. Music nitely. Been around since 1977, must be doing something right.

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  1. Reply Dewi March 1, 2016 at 6:48 am

    If you want to preserve a neepsapwr for memory’s sake or to share with your future children or grandchildren, go for it! Even these days, people are much more moved by the tangible object than a digital image, and kids like looking through the neepsapwrs as much for the old ads as for the historic story. However, if you are saving it solely because it might be worth something some day, don’t bother. I used to work at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston, and I can’t tell you how many times (alhtough I am sure it is in the hundreds) in my seven years there that people tried to donate or even sell us their copies of neepsapwrs from JFK’s inauguration or assasination. If something is truly a historic event, these neepsapwrs will be a dime a dozen.You’d think being an archivist would make me a hoarder, but actually the opposite is true. Seeing how much junk people save for years and years has made me winnow down my own files to those things that are unique and that I truly think someone will be interested in in the future. (My kids report cards come to mind at least my grandkids will be interested!)

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