The King’s Choice

1940 the German Third Reich invades Norway. Sweden has just capitulated to Hitler’s demands or they would have faced devastation.

The decision to surrender was made by the King of Norways’ brother, the King of Sweeden. The decision is made to flee the Palace in Oslo. The Queen and the children go to Sweeden. The King and his son flee to a smaller village where they run directly in the German Army. There is one hope for peace, as the German’s send an envoy with instructions to speak only to the King. This is meant to bypass the democratically elected government of Norway, and speak only to its  ceremonial King,  Haakon. The Kings son Prince Olaf wants the King to sign, but it means the new Prime Minister is now a member of the Third Reich. If he does not sign it surely means death for Norwegians.

The movie shows the humanity and turmoil the King is put through. Its a bit like Sophie’s choice, no matter which decision you make its wrong for somebody. He chooses not to surrender and goes into exile in London. Germany occupies Norway for 5 years. The movies doesn’t get into the horrifics of what the Nazi’s did to all the civilians of Europe,  but it shows in dialog their brutal  authoritarian ways. A fine film dealing with a very difficult subject.

The King’s Choice
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