The Hate U Give

Amandia Stenberg, the biracial well known activist and actor, stars in this story of a young women who lives with her Afro American family in a poor neighborhood but attends an exclusive mostly white private school. She is a focused good student and manages to balance both of her worlds in an orderly fashion. It all changes when her childhood friend is shot dead in front of her by a white policeman.
The world soon pressures her from both sides and the movie presents both the police and victim point of view. She has to decide on what her role will be as she has to face a grand jury and much publicity.
The message at the end of the film is uplifting if there is such a possibility in these days of intense polarization, as its raises again the issue of perception. If I think you are dangerous I act one way, if I don’t I act another. But what precepts determine how I see you?

The Hate U Give
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The Hate U Give

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