The Florida Project

The movie will be the talked about film of the year. Willem DaFoe as the manager of the Orlando motel that houses all the bottom feeders, including a mom who is really a young grand mom and we watch her attempt to parent. The kids in the movie absolutely star in this emotionally twisting journey. The mom will make you want to scream and she smokes, curses, steals, lies, whores her way to survival. The kid, learns at way too young an age to be like mom. There is an undeniable spirit in the film and DaFoe tries his best to protect the mom from herself as he manages the zoo. As a therapist it was tough to watch as I wanted social services to show up after 20 minutes.
But there is warmth and laughs among the chaos and conflict. The movie will get to you, one way or the other. good job.

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