The Favourite

One of the funniest performances this year comes from Olivia Colman playing a quite damaged Queen Anne. She is bulemic, with gout no less, and she has eating frenzies with monster cakes. She moans, she wails, she carries on. She is mean spirited, and harsh. She crawls across the Palace floor demanding as most ten year olds would, more attention. At her service is Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) who does what the Queen wants, which includes bawdiness with fingers and tongues. Then comes the new servant, a fallen Royal whose father lost the kingdom thru misdeeds and gambling. Played smartly by Emma Stone, she competes to be the Favourite. And off the three go into female battle. Its more of a marathon but by the end, there is really no one to root for. More of a farce than a comedy or drama, it has its moments. but Colman stole the show. At times she reminded me of Jackie Gleason when he would hit his finger with a hammer. OOOOh the pain!

The Favourite
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The Favourite, moans extra

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