The Don and Mikey

What we know so far….Mueller’s got them….everyone in line has flipped, Manaford in deep trouble, prison for sure, ask Liddy. Flynn was first, now they have Carter Page on tape. Jared and Don Jr. have major legal trouble. Wilbur Ross and the Cyprus banks, info all given to Mueller. Deutche Bank and the loans to the Don. Russian money laundering is in Mueller’s wheelhouse, its what he’s good at. The big boys talking, and one by one the realization of jail hits them. Then they flip. Don Jr. in serious trouble. The Don covering for him illegally is indictable.
The real story is the Don and his guy Mikey. They call him the fixer. As long as you pay he’ll get it done. You need a favor, no problem. Need a permit? I’ll make a call. Wanna talk to the President? It’ll cost ya. Need to get a woman off your back? We know a guy. Oops I mean we know a guy who could coax her into a more favorable position, money could be involved.
The Don and Mikey, what a team. The rules are vague and that’s why the Don loves the courts, depends if you know the Judge or not, or maybe he could talk to a politician or two. And the courts take forever.
The longer they knew one another the worse it got. Both out of control doing whatever the hell they wanted. Lying, cheating, hiding, misrepresenting, and daring anyone to take them to court. The rat pack of two. With a lot of hangers on. I think it is the Don’s attempt to recreate the combined John Gotti, and Don Corleone.
Is he a Don? Well to be one you have to have a front, “ He’s in construction”. You need protectors, “He’s got his own people”. You need lots of money. He can buy almost anything. You need an organization, now he’s got one and now everything, even a government. They hate him, but he’s in charge.
So he fits. One more thing, you gotta be nasty, real nasty. He is.
He’s a hater, now just slightly below the surface, but rising all the time. A potential Fuhrer. Ruler. Isolated unhappy and being propped up all the time. Getting desperate, he needs parades of adoration.
All of these Dons eventually have a hard end. So he’s got the needed parts, he’s dangerous because he can flip in a paranoid second. Shields on and gone is his style when he drops someone. And Mikey is there to fix anything that goes wrong. He’s expensive. True fixers always are.
But even the President isn’t above the law. The Don will eventually learn that, like Nixon, but in meantime it will be fun to watch the cowboy rope the steer.