The Cakemaker

Usually at the Art film houses the afternoon early show gets a small crowd. That’s what I was expecting when I bounced into the Quad to see this small film. For whatever reason, the house was packed. I thought maybe its because there are less Art Houses, since the Sunshine Landmark on Houston and the Plaza Cinema on 62nd/Bway closed their doors this year. Or maybe the movie is good.
Pleasantly surprised with this good movie with a small plot and a fine delivery.
A baker in Berlin has a small shop. One of his clients, a Jewish man from Jerusalem comes by monthly to buy his cakes. We find out that they have become lovers. But the Jew has a wife and son in Israel.
We next find out the Jewish man was killed in a car crash. So the German travels to Jerusalem and goes to the poorly run coffee house of his lovers wife. They talk and become business partners as he now bakes cookies and cakes in her shop and it takes off. He never tells her he knew her husband. Eventually they become lovers. As with most things in the past, somehow, someway it all comes to light and she finds out that the German is the person her husband was leaving her for. Her brother tells the German to go. Out. Vamoose. He goes back to Berlin to his store.
Final scene we see the wife now in Berlin standing across from his shop as he gets on his bike and rides away. He never saw her. Does she come back tomorrow? Or did she just want to see the shop? Anyway it was a sweet movie

The Cakemaker
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The Cakemaker rises to the occasion

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