As the Sun sets on 2017

I find myself in Oaxaca, Mexico away from the news if I choose, which I do. My spirits are lightened by the warm friendly hard working happy people who live here in this lovely Pueblo. My reflective thoughts about 2017 are as follows.

I am overwhelming sad and embarrassed about what happened in the USA during 2017. How we ever let ourselves elect that baffoon of a person. A charlatan, liar and profoundly morally challenged man who not only does not understand his job, but is woefully undereducated and prepared to lead a great nation that has fallen into isolation.

The loss of world recognition with his inane and dangerous views, especially on global warming I think bother me the most. Permitting him to poison streams again with the demolishing of the EPA is reprehensible. Putting oil wells on pristine Alaskan sanctuaries makes me sick. the idolization of Putin, is so disgustingly self serving. Hiding his money deals. Being a puppet of Russia and permitting them to influence what we read is much larger than we thought.

Trump’s lack of backbone and kowtowing to the NRA is sickening. The bought politicians who pray when innocents are slaughtered, rather than change the laws to prevent buying of assault weapons make we wonder who we are. How do these men sleep at night?

I am appalled by the Presidents ability to turn everything he does into quasi legal money making opportunities, while he still is able to hide his taxes and we sit by and twiddle our thumbs. He golfs so much that the White House now blocks news reporters from taking pictures. this is the guy who said he would not vacation because there is so much work to do. No one ever had more time off than him, and this is the hypocrite who criticized Obama’s minimal golfing.

His obsession with everthing Obama just shows how good a man Obama was and how he cared and felt compassion. Trump just filled the year with insults and threats and bigotry. Uneducated and naive views on world politics dominated. His lies were constant and it is embarrassing that this man is in that position. Children have to be taught to not be like him. No professional teams go to the White House any longer. He has become a wrecking ball to democratic values. He does not understand the three separate bodies of government, he thinks executive rules. He wants to be America’s Putin, a corrupt liar.

As a New Yorker I knew he was a con, but I never knew how vindictive and destructive he was. The lack of refined cultured thinking is so absent that a base line of cruel politics has emerged. The middle class and poor will continue to suffer under this arrogant narcissistic self server. The headlines of the year were about his failures. His choices for Cabinet and Judicial appointments were horrifying. A pro industry gas man to lead the EPA. A non experienced Dept of Education leader. A surgeon heading the HUD. Crazy stuff. A man who never tried a case to be a Federal Judge. On and on.

It was a brutal year with mass killings and a daily barrage of bad news. The sorry state of men and their dicks dominated the entertainment industry. The good that comes of it is the women finally started to speak up, as they also did in the voting booths of Alabama, Virginia and New Jersey. The Resistance to the phony fake news world of Donald Trump will get its comeuppance in the ballot boxes of 2018. The Women no longer voting as their Republican husbands told them to do is the best news ever. The woman who elected Donald Trump, now in great numbers have seen their error, and there is no hell like a woman scorned. So I look forward to 2018 and know that the women and Mueller, the young people coming of age, the minorities, and the good people of character will all initiate his downfall. Happy New Year to all.

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