The strategy to make us numb by fog

Tomothy Egan wrote today in The NY Times that Trump’s fog is working. He is correct. The daily barrage of lies and half truths, misrepresentations and outright misleading pronouncements from the White House and the entire Trump Administration has overwhelmed and numbed the public. It has turned the White House into an untrustworthy source for fact. Only the Trump base (29%) listens to him at this point, and they now have to deal with the newly freed Bannon, who just thumped Trump in Alabama. Republican failure to produce when both houses are in control is historic. The international community has looked upon the Trump presidency as a joke. They look at his performance at the UN. The way he was isolated at the Paris Accords.

But what are the consequences?

Does anything happen after his lies are exposed? Not really. He just says those reporting the news are lying. It then deteriorates into two camps, those who believe him and those who don’t. Over time the pollsters show how the numbers change.

In the meantime the central fabric of government is going unattended as Trump refuses to fill positions other than titular heads. The news is about football players kneeling rather than stories of what is going on with the non fix of the V.A. or the lack of substancive information on infrastructure, or updates on the Environment? I forgo,  Jared heads infrastructure, the V.A. , Israeli- Palestinian conflict as well as tech updating. One guy does that job and its the President’s daughter’s husband. No swamp there.

We eventually will uncover the devastation. It is like a hurricane, the aftermath is where the story is told, but by that time the camera and commentators are mostly gone, on to the next disaster.

The Trump Administration has proven to be a swarming nest of self promoters. A gathering of millionaires who say one thing and do its opposite. Kelly’s job isn’t easy. He now has tell all  of the lobbyists the door is now closed.  The swampers brought in by Trump will milk the government until they are caught. Trump has always said “sue me,”  to cover his ethical exposure. Tom Price, the latest example. Trump is the essential swamp builder. Remember the flailing of Hillary for private email servers? Six Trump White House staffers  have used private servers, including his daughter and son- in-law. Do you hear him saying lock’em up? Yeah right.

The turnover in staff has reached record proportions. With no Legislative success to date, his only method is to lie with outrageous pronouncements such as “great health care”, “the best immigration package”, “the tax plan to rocket the economy and benefit the middle class.” The truth there is that it is the biggest gain for the extremely wealthy. No surprise to anyone. Remember this is the guy that doesn’t want his taxes looked at. Check out “pass through ” tax change proposal. It benefits Trump greatly.

Do we have to put him under oath before he speaks? Is there no recommence for the general public?

It will come down to voting, if the country can survive long enough. This week is a big one as the Supreme Court hears a Wisconsin case about gerrymandering and its immoral fixing of elections, where the smallest majority can obtain a disproportionate amount of represenatation in Congress.

Then came the news that Caroline Kennedy wants to run for the Senate, with her eye on the Presidency. That woman is perfect for the job. A woman for our time. Honest, ethical, humanitarian, and is extremely competent. She will receive the torch from Hillary.

Do not fall asleep people, what Trump is doing to the country  is a disgrace. “Make America great again” is a slogan promoting racism and disproportionate greed from the top. He should be hounded like LBJ was, stay on him day after day until he resigns.

Come on Mueller,  hurry up, I don’t think we have that much time before he wrecks everthing.

Mr Texter does not have the Presidential understanding of the job. He only has the twitter persona. He doesn’t know to hide his prejudice against the Puerto Ricans and others. Limited and embarrassing, he doesn’t know how to portray a man of dignity and decency.  That’s because he doesn’t have it in him.

He belongs on Reality TV and nowhere near the White House. What a sad comment on our times.

  1. Reply Robert H. Anderson September 30, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    How true!

  2. Reply Kenn October 15, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    Trump came up with the phrase fake news because he is the biggest fabricator of it.
    Beware of any pronouncement saying the greatest,the best, or for that matter anything that man says.

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