Steve Jobs

The movie is riviting. Love him or hate him, the Danny Boyle directed movie hits a home run. I dont know how accurate the movie is to the well repected and loved Apple head man. But his relationship with his forever denied daughter is the hard sub plot to this evolving battle from failure to success. Michael Fassbinder and Kate Winslet are terrific as the head man and his long suffering first assistant. No doubt the man had undeniable vision and was uber focused, come hell or high water, but he could never listen. The conversations between him and Jeff Daniels character John Scully are very compelling. The best dialogue is between Seth Rogan playing Wozniak the Apple tech leader and Jobs. Wozniak after a 20 year relationship tells Jobs that “you can be a leader AND a human.” See for yourself but the movie will get to you.

Steve Jobs
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Ps. You wouldn't want to work for him

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