Sneaky Pete

This new Amazon series is well written. Pete is a con man, a very good con man. He can hustle the naive as well as the most experienced of thieves. He rejoins “his family” after doing a stint in prison. Except he is impersonating the lost grandson, not seen for 20 years. He knows the family because he is impersonating his prison cell mate.

Now grandma and grandpa run a bail bond business and their dealings leave a lot of integrity to be desired. The plot thickens as Pete is being pursued by his parole officer and former life “debt collectors.” Brian Cranston wrote it and appears as a supporting actor. Hustlers are always fascinating to watch. You tend to root for them in the twisted world of figuring out who is the good guy? I don’t know about you but I like to root for the bad guy in films. Just films.

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