Sailing along, updated

I don’t know even where to begin to describe the feeling I had when I saw myself agreeing with Trump, in what he did, and how he did it. For him, it was almost a gimme A gift shot. Evil Assad uses illegal chemical weapons on his own children, in violation of the treaty, and the entire world scorns him. Worse than Quadaffi. He’s now in the league with Idi Amin. Who wouldn’t react and say no more?  Also, politically, it gives Donald a free shot at Obama. It corrects Obama’s major error, (even though the country was war weary), Trump, with his strong America campaign, had to do it. He seized the moment, He pulled the trigger. But thank God some sanity prevailed in the White House. He took a targeted approach to limit exposure. Measured. Tempered, It was a message not a decoration of anything. Hopefully, one and done. Showing strength to Putin was almost commanded. He really had no other choice.

Maybe, just maybe, he can get some good advice now. Bannon is probably on his way out, as he got into a power contest with Jared. Guess who won that one? Bannon should be out, his advice is bad, and is causing Trump all kinds of criticism. He only wants Trump to talk to his base. Trump needs to talk to everybody, and go to the middle politically, where he started. Maybe Jared and Ivanka can get to him. They are there at night. If he could listen to advice, and form middle base coalitions across the aisle, then maybe he would do better for the country and himself. The enemy is his love of those campaign crowds. He has to stop being base only, and be the President of all the people. The only chance we have folks, is that he starts to do the right thing, and become more popular with people who really can’t stand him. He earned his way to that dislike. So far he has done Nothing well. His political missteps have caused him, he was humiliated with the health care fiasco.. and now getting being nailed for lying, and investigated for hiding everything. He supports other abusers, he even said good things about O’Reilly, he probably identifies. He really needed some good news and this missle shot will help in the short term. Still can’t believe I agreed with Trump and it was about shooting a missle, of all things. I believe in helping people, not shooting at them.

So this was good for the country and good for Trump. I would love to wake up one day and feel like the guy in the White Hoiuse is doing the right thing, in the right way, and its good for all of us. So far the White House was more like the Fun House, where the walls and floors don’t meet. We see how this week goes. At least he changed the news.

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