Its all about Russia, since day one

I hardly know where to begin with the events of the past year since Donald Trump, with the help of Russia and their media social network infiltrated bots, was elected President. Seems unbelievable now that we could have been so duped to elect him President. Well the electoral college did the trick, not the popular vote. Anyway, here we are 14 months later, and if the bungling and lying and covering up wasn’t as serious as it is, it would be the funniest show ever.
On the same day that Trump fired Rex Tillerson as Secy of State, the integrity challanged Republican led House “Intellegence” Committee said they were closing their investigating of collusion by Trump with Russia after finding “no evidence”. What? Nope, they didn’t find anything, nada. Note to House intellegence Committee…call Dept of Justice ask to speak to a guy named Mueller, he might know something.
Back to Tillerson, on Monday he named Russia as responsible for nerve gassing a former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in England. Trump said he supports Britain and the finding but would not name Russia as the culprit. Two days later Tillerson is fired. Hmmm…Wasn’t it just weeks ago the Republican led congress voted for more sanctions against Russia? But Trump refused to impose them…. Hmmm. When the CIA, FBI and NSA all said they have direct evidence of Russian meddling in our election, Trump said it could have been anybody. Like some hacker kid in Cincinnati. Hmmm. He never addressed the nation as its President to inform the public of this egregious attack by a foreign government on our democracy. Hmmmm. Shouldn’t the President act like a President? But if you have to take crib notes that say “look concerned” when you are talking to children survivors of a mass shooting, you get the picture of how deep the man is. Two days later he met with the NRA. “Great meeting.”
Some will say he fired Tillerson because Tillerson called him “a fucking moron” last summer. Nope that didn’t get him fired. Russia did.
I just finished Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, inside the Trump White House. Its a MUST READ IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT IS REALLY GOING IN IN THE ZOO. The book is fascinating in its right in the room quotes of all the cast of characters.
The star is Steve Bannon, definitely the smartest guy in the room. But he is a maniacal zealot with conspiracy theories galore and deconstruction government plans to wreak havoc on the establishment. And his fodder play toy is Donald Trump, who only responds to flattery, like a child. And is prone to temper tantrums. everyone tries to manage him. Its Kelly’s job now, the poor fool. Bannon got Trump elected and told him he would be the greatest President since Jefferson, who was an outsider who wanted less government. Trump bought it. Bannon said “fuck ‘em”, they won’t like you anyway, so do whatever the hell you want. And he has.
Back to Russia. Trump’s most consistent behavior since being elected is to never say anything bad about Russia. Why is that, do you think? We know they control him. Just last week he was named Russia’s employee of the month. Wink wink. So what do they have on him? Some say the pee pee tapes are real, after all it was a known KGB hotel that tapes its rooms that Trump had stayed in. Others say its the money. There you go. Its ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY.
THERE IS A TON OF EVIDENCE NOW ON MONEY LAUNDERING. From the Oligarks to the Cypress banks, to Ivankas hotel deal in Moscow. They connect to Wilbur Mills and Deutche Bank. In Fire and and Fury Bannon is quoted as saying that Trump sealed his own fate when he told Mueller not to look into the family’s finances. Comedy show insert, “dont look here.” Then there is really idiotic Don Jr. and pop’s dictated coverup of what really happened in the Trump Tower meeting. Bannon went nuts and screamed that Don Jr is “as dumb as a rock” for taking that meeting with known agents without informing the FBI or having any lawyers present. He wanted to impress dad by showing he could get info on Hillary on his own. The Mueller obstruction case goes right through that meeting.
The inside the White House portrays Trump as hopelessly overwhelmed by the job. Has no clue. Doesn’t listen, doesn’t read, and relies on te last person to talk to him. He has relied on his daughter and Jared. According to Bannon that reliance will cost him the Presidency. As Ivanka is “stupid and self serving” and Jared and his father will bring Trump down on their own. The ”kids” have no political or governmental experience and dopey Trump listens to them. If they weren’t enough problems Trump has Manaford and Flynn to deal with, both of whom rolled over for Mueller. And there are more players to come, including Carter Page and Devin Nunez, among others.
White House staffers such as Reince Priebus and Gary Cohen have been quoted as calling Trump “dumb as shit” H R Mc Master has called him a “dope.” So Tillerson’s “fucking moron” just seems to be the prevailing view.
Yakkinback has said all along that Trump is his own worst enemy and his overwhelming need for approval and inability to hear criticism is his Achilles heel. He fires everyone. And what goes around…comes around. Note to Jared and won’t be long now.

  1. Mike Olson March 14, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    It won’t be long now, it won’t be long now, it won’t be long now, such a refrain doesn’t clean the stain or ease the pain. It’s been too long already. With a House flip we may get the Articles Of Impeachment necessary. It will seem even longer now.