Rudy, please stay as Trump’s spokesman

An openletter to Rudy Giuliani:
Rudy we need you. Please stay on the job. Even now when the pressure mounts for you to not speak openly about Trump’s perilous legal position with Ms. Daniels, the Mueller Investigation, and the bleeding relationship with Michael Cohen, we, the American people, need to hear you daily. Who else can out Trump Trump? You are the right man for the job. You haven’t practiced law since 1992, but what the hell, its like riding a bike, once you learn it. Keep up your spontaneous story telling. Who else can go off message better than you? You know you shouldn’t consult with other members of the legal team, it’s just you and Donald, like the old days, just making it up as you go along. Didn’t hurt Donald, right? He made it to President and he still relies on your bombastic style. You two are one hand and one glove. Forget legal consequences, Donald will pardon everyone. Keep going on Fox, Sean knows the real you, he trusts you to wing it for the team. Go Rudy. I can’t think of one person who would serve the country better than you. Tell it as you see it. Rant and rave. Confabulate and confuse everybody. You will be able to help everyone get to the truth faster than anyone. Screw the legal team. Just you and Donald. Grab any microphone you see. The country will thank you.

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