Roman J. Israel

If Denzel and the director got together and did some focused editing, this would have been a very good movie. but as it is, it missed the mark. Its too all over the place. Denzel plays a brilliant lawyer, mainly the research type, who gets put out front in the courtroom when his mentor dies. Slick Colin Farrell uses him front and center to aid his firms finances by bring in “other types of cases.” I like Denzel (except in those car crash movies) and am certainly happier watching him in this as well as the recent Fences. A good movie should have a main theme and stick to it. Denzel makes good speeches but they get lost in making six points at once. but still, pass the car chase blow ‘em up movie and see this one anyway

Roman J. Israel
6 Total Score
Denzel does a lot of talkin’

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