Laura Poitras’ portrayal of the complicated Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

Too bad the movie doesn’t start with the Clinton emails as this really is about the period between 2010 and 2014. The relationship between Poitras and Assange is quite revealing and honest. She wonders why he is so honest with her when she really believes he doesn’t like her. Politics, intrigue, legal battles and moral/ethical questions are posed in mega questions like does the end justify the means”?

Assange is forced to receive asylum in the Ecuador embassy in London, where he lives and is confined. There are connections to Edward Snowden as they share some beliefs.

Whether you think leaking private documents is good, bad or indifferent, this documentary sheds light on the process. Very complicated issue which is ongoing as the Russians have brought it to a new level. Are you complicit with the enemy if you give them secret documents? Most would say yes you are. We will see going forward how publishers of stolen documents are treated. My guess is they are going to face more severe consequences. Well done documentary, just wish it was more current. Laura, are you reading this? Part 2 needed.

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Risk, sometimes it means it all

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