RIP Ralphie Maye

Just found out that Ralphie Maye has died of a heart attack. Ralphie was a good ol boy who was funnier than any of the young comedians. He was a huge man of over 400 lbs at one point. He had been trying to get healthier and lose the weight. His routines were unabashedly frank. He talked about black people. Rednecks, country folk, sex, food and politics. He was topical and humane as well as insightful. He had many venues for his comedy as his podcasts were terrific.

Saw him three times personally and most recently as a guest on Penn and Teller’s magic show. Hope  they have a buffet where Ralpie is going. Another big man gone in the tradition of John Candy, John Pinnette,  and Chris Farley.

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