The Rider. A Terrific movie.

A very touching portrait of a family. Mom’s gone. Dad is a man who has an older son in near vegetative state in a local rehab facility after he was injured while bull riding. Youngest sister has a low IQ but is aware of what is happening. The rider is following his older brothers’ footsteps as he now recovers from a serious horse kick to the head which resulted in the plate being inserted. He is told his riding days are one fall from death.
The rider struggles to recover and vows to do the only thing he knows and wants to do, that is riding horses.
While recovering, he attempts to train horses as he has a keen feel for them, but that only whets his appetite. He tries working in the local big box store, but he will die another way doing that.
The father is mad at him and is forever reminding him that he told him not to ride. He visits his brother and its very touching. His talks with his sister are gentle and caring.The story reaches the inevitable climax. Its a small wonderful movie and i really enjoyed it. Moves along slowly like a horse walking in the prairie. Stay with it.

The Rider. A Terrific movie.
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The Rider. A terrific movie

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