A Quiet Place….really?

This movie got very good reviews. Let me add my view to the nay nay side. If the concept is flawed, the movie is then not believable, and this turkey has so many flaws, that I was talking to the screen. Basically a family of 5 survives a creature attack. The creatures, it seems, only attack when they hear sound. No one else seems to be around. But they have no problem w food or water. One of their kids gets eaten after the older sister gives him batteries for his rocket ship and voila we have drama. I’ll skip all the details and cut to the quick. At the end of the movie we find out the creatures have blood and could be shot. But no one ever figured out how to ambush them. There is no police, no govt and no neighbors. Really. Ill stick to indie relationship movies. This mainstream stuff is impossible to watch.

A Quiet Place….really?
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