The Quad reopening.. and Cynthia Nixon’s Emily

Was glad the Quad was back. I missed it and Cynthia Nixon’s A Quiet Passion was playing. Gotta go and see what’s what.

The place is great, well done, has a happyass vibe. Its a feel good vibe as you walk in. Its  airy and zippy. Movie seats are good. Restrooms are great. They did a really nice job. Same prices as the neighborhood. One thing, for movie lovers, they need to stop the damn Exit sign from making the screen red. Directors hate that. Spend alltheir money getting the color right in the movie and theatre puts its light there? Recess it please. Other than that,  its a flawless place. Should have been on some crew’s checklist.

Cynthia Nixon does a terrific job, in the hopelessly depressing life of Emily Dickinson.

We all come the movie with various levels of understanding of the depth of Emily Dickinson, If Nixon shows her to us, I just have to get some air. I lost more and more for her as she goes along, all I wanted  to do was scream. Too dreadful, its exhausting,

She never had a chance, her mother was a stone who lost all signs of life long ago. Emily’s successful  lawyer father, just wanted her to kneel when the pastor came to visit. Got the wrong girl there. But he also permits her to write from 3 am in her room with the light on.

Emily’s chosen solitude is painful, for her and for us. She gets in knots over infidelity. Goes to that place in religion where righteous indignation is the right of the day. She is a feral child and does not know how to ask. One must stand ones distance, alone, unfulfilled and self tortured, is just about her mantra, as she bears the imperfection surrounding her. She is a bit much.

As a movie, anything that makes you feel the next day is a good movie, by definition. Didn’t feel a thing. That was hard to watch. Gee thanks now I know what a poor tortured soul she was. All my life I believed she was right and I was wrong. But now if you ask me would I live that way? I couldn’t  as it was way too small. Men took off and women didn’t. Emily was poisoned by her father’s wealth and own self betrayal. She was right to the end, which luckily for her, happened at 56.

That didn’t make this tolerable. By the time the mother’s death was on I had a lotta trouble not laughing. When Emily starts her diatribe, I just want her to stop.. Nobody can live like that.

At the same time she  made poetry in that room. Too big a cost. She needed someone to get her out of there. But mid 19th century was tough on women, as always, in a different way if you had money. She had plenty, err, her father had money. It nenver helped. She need a dad and a mom. She had neither. Send her to an New England School instead of letting her rot in her room. The father did a horrendous job with her.

I felt she was her own worst enemy and helping was impossible mainly because she learned she wanted none. Sadly I left not feeling good. Take a awhile to want to read her again. Knowing how she suffered has changed it for me. I knew independence and aloofness,  but I didn’t know isolation. A tortured soul. Painful to see.

She needed a referral, too much God in a Godless world.

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