Peaceful thoughts

One month now in Mexico and I am officially chill. Cool. Calm. Relaxed. Tranquilla.

I like this retired thing. No schedule. Go to the market everyday after the gym. Stay at the hotel, swim. Go downtown to the Zocalo and watch the busy action of everyone selling.

Take a bus to a local village. Eat some tyludays and talk with local artists. But a rug or a statue.

Watch the stars glow in the sky after 8pm. Meet some friends and listen to some guitar music. Have a really good cafe con leche.

Walk freely in the safe streets, taking in the aromas, and find another good restaurant.

Talk with new guests at the hotel and share a drink.

Have breakfast with the guys, great talk and comraderie

Watch a good roku/netflix movie.

Enjoy everything you do and take your time doing it.

And never push a snow shovel again. Aaaah.

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  1. Reply Sandy January 27, 2017 at 7:42 am

    Sooooo envious, and so glad for you and Jill.

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