It was a wonderful time in the cinema, the one and a half hours spent with this very unique man. It is the story of his life, not delved into with a hidden agenda, but with an appreciation of a man whose voice and generosity reached millions of people. He was a larger than life figure who could send chills up your spine when he hit his high c. It is a story of his family beginnings in Italy, his marriage, his children and his career. It includes his affairs, his partnerships with promoters, his divorce and his laments. After reaching fame and fortune, he went on to become one of the world’s most dedicated benefactors. He left solely singing opera in the theatre to forge relationships with rock stars and celebrities, and appeared all over the world at mega concerts, which funded his foundation. He built hospitals and schools and was obsessed with making it better for war survivors, such as those in Bosnia.
He admits to failing as a father to his children but he became a Father to the world’s children. Italy never forgave him for his divorce and subsequent marriage to a much younger woman, with whom he had twins, but his son died.
The three tenors was only the launching pad for his connections to music and people in need. His friends went from Bono to Lady Diana, to Nelson Mandela.
The power of his voice will stay with you as he sings from deep within him with a passion that few have ever found. Bravo. The movie theatre was standing and clapping on this showing. I cried.

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  1. Reply Jill June 22, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    Agree with your review 100%. Loved the movie, love the man and his music.

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