The Parisian Woman Uma Thurman

Went and got these tickets because I like her and I thought she would be strong. A voice representing her generation, or something to that effect. Its hard to say but I was disappointed by her performance. I found her stiff and as De Niro might say, it didn’t ring true. Its then tough to feel the emotion when you are questioning the characters authenticity. The characters in the play are “off” except for the mother, who nails a few scenes.
Granted it’s hard to play a married woman whose having an affair with an engaged female political superstar, who is also a very famous daughter. Its a lot of dialog but no truly earned emotion, except mom.
The parts of the play that struck me was how matter of factly they were talking about the whackyness of the Trump era White House. Granted its a New York audience, but they laughed loudly. They got it. A bafoon running the country.
But Uma didn’t bring her character to life, and therefore,,,eh. The play didn’t know what it wanted to say. It was almost slapstick and unintentedly so. Being being serious is awkward when the words don’t match. Even Josh Lucas, usually dead on, wasn’t. So I’m seeing Dylan next week, probably shouldn’t get my hopes up, right? Thought so.

The Parisian Woman Uma Thurman
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Uma Falls Short,

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