Outlaw King

Its was raining hard in the city, I had a cold, had to get out of the rain, so I bought a ticket. Never do I see a movie like this, but this is a review. So… if you like spears, hatchets, lances, swinging metal spikey things and total grunting, then you have yourself one hell of a movie. Don’t forget the long parade of men on horses trudging through slop. Add lots bloody faces and some theme about England vs Scotland in the 14th century, then you also can spend 2 hours getting out of the rain. I felt bad for the horses. There is one scene where 3000 men are fighting and the noise level is off the charts but one guy yells retreat and magically everyone hears him. Amazing. Why are movies like this even made? The book would be hard enough.

Outlaw King
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Outlaw King, a grunter

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