On her Shoulders

I have been trying to catch my breath since yesterday when I saw “On Her Shoulders” . The Nadia Murad story of her abduction by ISIS. The grace and strength of this human rights Advocate and former ISIS slave, is powerful, spiritual and extraordinary. Her story has come to represent the world wide battle to end sexual slavery. World recognition of human trafficking and sexual slavery, has begun.
Her village was raided in 2013 by ISIS. They shot the men immediately, and took 6700 women and children. An “act of war” is how Nadia describes her sexual slavery while in captivity. She now represents those other women and all other sexual victims. Charging ISIS as committing genocide and sex trafficking in the UN’s General Assembly, Amal Clooney represented Nadia.
After escaping, Nadia was brought to a camp, and eventually to Germany with the direct help from Angela Merkel. She has since become a UN Ambasador for human all victims and has also won the Nobel Prize for recognition of her unbelievable sacrifice and total body of her work representing victims. She briefed the UN Security Council for their first time ever, amazing in its own right.
The film is powerful and the reaction in the theatre was mainly sobbing, with others with blank stares. One of the most important films, I have seen since Shindler’s List or Sophie’s Choice or Hotel Rwanda.
There is the truth of the human condition. It needs our love.
ISIS follows a historical tradition of barbarism. Nadia Murad stands as a beacon who shines light to darkness.

On her Shoulders
The human rights Ambassador for the Un and former ISIS sax slave.
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On Her Shoulders

The human rights Ambassador for the Un and former ISIS sax slave.

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