Obama is owed so many apologies

The comparison between the men is embarrassing for Trump because he will eventually eat his words he has repeatedly said. Remember, he was a Hillary backer in New York.. He is in on the job training for the job the other guy did beautifully. Whom he not only criticized, but he trie d to obliterate his name everywhere he saw it. Uncontrollable. Every chance he got.

Now it looks a lot different, the other guy was really respected by most,  and was open and honest, with deep family ethics. Trump is way over his head. Hopefully he delegates as he is being overwhelmed by the size of the job, maybe he can be saved from himself. Hopefully for all of us. Difference between him and the Lone Ranger, the LR got the job done. He is Mr. Bluster in Dagwood. Ethics and a soul are deeply needed.

Luckily, he is in step one reprogramming. Bannon tape being replaced by the Dalai Lama is a good start. Maybe one of Jarod’s people can give him that one.  Its a big change for Mr businessman. Hopefully the Ethical tape he hears comes from John Lennon and Bob Dylan’s music and poetry.

He Instead, he should be trying to learn from Obama. His health plan way better than the crippling, insurance company winning, piece of vindictiveness, that you couldn’t get passed. You even admitted it. Rare moment. Could have been fixed in congress but no one can compromise there either. And none can write anything now, that the Conservatives don’t block. Its calls knots.

So now he is learning the middle is better. Not just the yahoos anymore. Its all of us. It feels like potty training with him. “No no Donald , you can’t do that there.” ” Says who? “Watch this.” That’s when he needed to be stopped and given a time out. These days he’d never get out of the corner.

Hating Obama was Bannon. Had to stoke those Southern fires. No longer just Southern, as the dumbing of America continues. In the White House , Fla.  and now NJ, they finally have his ear. Only Ivanka knows if there is a person somewhere in there. Its mostly his self obsessed world, made up facts and fixed false beliefs. If he were a characterization of himself, he wouldn’t be this bad.

I see a person playing a President, camera ops and all. I found myself saying, like Helen Hunt’s plea, in “As Good As It Gets,”  “Why can’t I have just a normal boyfriend, someone who knows how to talk, and not obliterate me?”  “They don’t exist dear,” laments Shirley Knight, “They don’t.”

I just want a normal President, someone with a heart and good ears.

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