Melissa Leo stars in a movie about a nun who ran a convent with a iron fist. It was her calling, her life and her identity. Then came the reforms in the Catholic Church which she resisted telling her cloistered nuns about. Only under official pressure from Rome did she submit. There is a subplot of a young girl who has the calling and leaves her somewhat clueless mom when she is 17 to join that convent. We follow her in her devotion and her emerging sexuality.
Now the last I checked there was not one religious bone in my body. I consider myself spiritual and connected to my ancestors by some yet unknown somewhat magical string of events, so for me to be wholly involved in a very religious movie is saying something about the movie. Or maybe I still am connected to Melissa Leo because of her role in the tv series Homicide, the gritty Baltimore show. Anyway, she makes you feel her pain and kept me in my seat. Ps watch out for the self discipline rope. Yikes.

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Novitiate, rings the bell

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