Richard Gere getting good reviews for his portrayal of a fixer in this story of a mysterious man who buys an Israeli diplomat a fancy pair of shoes in order to impress him and have him become a client. Fast forward the diplomat becomes the Prime Minister of Israel. Their relationship is now complicated and quite honestly muddled. I found the movie to be fluff and uninteresting. When you start doubting what you are seeing it takes you out of the movie, and detachment is the enemy of good movie making. I found this one boring. Sorry guys, but the truth is, I didn’t care one way or another I just wanted out of the theatre felling nothing for this film. For me there was nothing to grab on to in this portrayal.

The character he portrayed was invisible, maybe to himself, maybe not, but if it doesn’t engage the audience, in one way or any other, is loses credibility, and if you start questioning a movie enough to take you out of it, what’s left?  Some of my old teachers would call it empty space, deadness, Too much makes  no sense. I want my main character to be a lot more interesting. And he could burp.

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Norman, watch at your own risk

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